Monday, October 31, 2011

Gasometer VI

11/11/2013: We're sad to report the closure of our beloved Gasometer.

October 23, 2011
On Sunday last week we shared a farewell meal with Steph. We're sad about her absence from the VegMel scene but super-happy-excited for the adventures coming her way. We were also just a little excited to check out Gasometer's new menu. It's very much a continuation of the Americana theme and heavy on the mock meat; the beloved vegan Southern-fried chicken burger and Buffalo tofu strips remain but there's so much more to distract one from revisiting them. Vegan and veganisable options are well-labelled and cover most of the menu, gluten-free options are less abundant but still clearly stated. Michael, Toby and I split three new meals for optimum taste-testing.

Toby started out with the chicken and waffles ($21), choosing the iceberg wedge with ranch dressing and grilled corn cob brushed with smoked garlic butter as his sides. I did not hold high hopes for this sweet and savoury combo but was pleasantly surprised - the Southern-fried mock meat, waffles and syrup were a pretty tasty combination. That said, I can't imagine ever polishing this off solo.

I ordered the BBQ pulled 'pork' sandwich ($20) with chips and slaw on the side. I barely recognised the slaw, more minced than shredded now. The chips are still great (phew!). I was most excited, though, to test out this jackfruit-based 'pork'. Opinions are divided - it's a little smoky, heavily sauced and very, very sweet. The bun is pretty sweet and puffy too, adding to the effect. I liked this 'pork', though I wished it came with an extra contrasting filling - something fresher with a bit of chew.

Michael's Reuben sandwich ($20) was the widespread favourite, a tower of imitation pastrami betwixt rye bread slices, with a little sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Another meal I couldn't ever hope to defeat on my own. His sides of cornbread and greens were solid if not inspiring.

Gasometer is going bigger and better with every alteration. I love it, but my appetite is struggling to keep up with their super-sizing. It's probably time I scaled back to apps and zerts.

Check out our previous visits to Gasometer: one, two, three, four, five. The new menu has already been covered by Louise, By Degrees. Veg*n reviews have also recently appeared on Healthy Party Girl, Ballroom Blintz, Black Bunny Carousel and easy as vegan pie. There's only been one omni review in the last few months, on two munch. Everyone loves the food, though some of us have had to wait for it.

The Gasometer
484 Smith Street, Collingwood
9417 5539
veg eats $5 - $21
facebook page

Accessibility: The Gasometer has a small step on entry. The tables are crowded in some areas but the booths and tables closest to the entry are relatively spacious. Ordering and payment occurs at a high counter. Male and female toilets are on the same level as everything else but are not particularly spacious.


  1. Apps & zerts! Yay! Pulled pork is one meaty thing I've always wanted to try, I will have to head on over!

  2. Ten thousand points forever for the Parks and Rec ref!

    Gasometer is just so damn good. I keep taking omni friends there, they all start reluctant and end up raving once they've finished their meal. Success!

  3. Those meals are HUGE - it's all sooo American! But at least they have waxed paper bags so you can take your chicken & waffles home to eat for brekkie the next morning - I can tell you they hold up really well!

  4. Sometimes being Canberran makes me feel very, very sad indeed. *pouts*

  5. I've actually been a little disappointed since the new menu. My dinner on the Sunday night was fine, but others seemed disappointed, particularly with the side "greens" (they weren't very green).

    Emilly and I went back this most recent Sunday (ironically having just been to Mdm Brussels) and I felt really disappointed by my meal. I chose the Southern Fried 'Chicken' Burger, since I'd had it before and I wanted to compare against something known. The amazing taste wasn't there and they've started using fluffy white hamburger buns instead of something a little stronger.

    I'm wondering if the answer is not to go on a Sunday (also this Sunday was quite busy, which probably didn't help, also made it slow).

  6. Penny - me too! After seeing the jackfruit thing done in 1 or 2 of Isa & Terry's books, it's exciting to have it here in Melbourne. :-)

    Hayley - you can lure your omni friends there too? Excellent. My veg*n friends are generally far more excited about this place than anyone else.

    Louise - I was quite impressed by your doggy-bagging approach! Twice the enjoyment (and hopefully half the bloating) that way. :-)

    Hannah - you'll be back to visit Melbourne though, right? Put this one in your schedule. Maybe we can get a veg*n gang together and taste ALL THE THINGS.

    Danni - I certainly agree with you about the buns. I described them to Craig the other day as "like fairy floss with a little flour kneaded into it". I'd prefer something sturdier and less sweet.