Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 20, 2008: Quick green soup

Cindy had warned me by email that she was suffering some sort of cheese-overdose in Chattanooga, so I planned to provide her with something healthy to try to redress the balance. She also had to adjust to the weather - I'd come back to a burst of unseasonable warmth, but Cindy got off the plane into a more typical winter day: wet, windy and cold. Luckily, The Age had caught my eye with this recipe (I won't reproduce it here - I followed their directions to the letter). It looked warming, healthy and hearty - the perfect welcome home meal. Especially with a delicious Indian bread to accompany it.

With all the spices included in the ingredients, I expected something with a rich and complex flavour - it didn't quite measure up to what I'd imagined, but it was still a pretty satisfying dinner. I'd up the chilli to a few pinches, and probably amp up the ginger as well. For some reason it performed much better as a reheated lunch later in the week - maybe the spices needed a few days to really infuse.

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