Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tricycle Cafe

January 20, 2014

We had enough time on our last Hobart morning to wander over to Salamanca and finally visit one of the city's most well-regarded cafes. Tricycle is hidden away a bit down one of Salamanca's little alleyways - they've got a few tables and a sign out on the street, so it's pretty clear where you need to turn in. It's quite small and, on the morning after MOFO finished, quite busy - we were lucky to snag a table and watched a few groups forced to wait.

The menu is pretty straightforward: there's baked eggs, eggs on toast, a breakfast trifle, beans or some toasties as well as two or three rotating specials (on our visit including a huevos rancheros, $16, and a veggie brown rice congee, $11.50). Cindy ordered the third of the specials: organic avocado with goats curd, toasted seeds and greens ($16). As you can see, they didn't skimp on the greens! Somewhere under all those leaves were two pieces of good quality toast, with plenty of avo and cheese spread on top and a sprinkling of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 

I ordered off the regular menu - tricycle chilli beans with feta, pickle, coriander and sourdough ($14).

I was glad to discover that Tricycle's chilli beans actually packed a bit of a spicy punch. The coriander and tangy pickled onion added a few more layers to the dish, and the salty feta rounded it out well - it's an excellent rendition of a pretty standard cafe brekkie.

Tricycle's a good option for a Hobart brekkie - it's not as fancy as Pilgrim and things all move a bit slower, so make sure you've got a bit of spare time - but the food is fresh and tasty and the menu just varied enough to keep you interested. Vegans will struggle with the basic menu, but both of our dishes could have been easily done sans cheese, and there's a good chance the congee would have done the trick as well.

There's plenty of positivity about Tricycle among bloggers - see I talk too much my mouth hurts, Tales of a Truffle Pig, Mumma Needs Coffee, Luisa Brimble, spicy icecream, Jeroxie, No Man is an Island, donisbaked, Green Gourmet Giraffe, Many Cha Cha, The Hungry Australian (sponsored), Fig and Walnut and brazencrumpets for enthusiastic reviews, while katiecrackernuts was a bit underwhelmed. 

Tricycle Cafe

77 Salamanca Place, Hobart (inside Salamanca Arts Centre)
(03) 6223 7228
veg-adaptable breakfasts: $6-$16.50

Accessibility: There are a small number of tables at counter level (with ramp access), but most of the tables are on a raised platform up a handful of stairs. Things are all pretty crowded. Orders are taken at the table and the bill is paid at a low counter inside the shop.

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