Monday, April 06, 2015

Al Nada Sweets

March 9, 2015

If there's one thing more enticing than tray upon tray of golden pastry, then surely it is this sign proudly pronouncing that those pastries are vegan-friendly. Veganopoulous alerted us to Al Nada Sweets almost two years ago, and we've seen them sold at Radical Grocery and Prahran Convenience. But it was our recent 12-hour tour update that finally compelled us to catch the tram north past Moreland Rd and visit the source.

While we intended to pick out just a couple of pastries at $1.50 each, we found it impossible to refuse the kindly owner's suggestion that we get their mixed box of 10 for $12. Each was a different permutation on pastry (flat'n'flaky or wiry), ground nuts and sweet, sweet syrup. The high sugar content preserved them well for the few days it took us to consume our collection.

There's an extensive list of Al Nada stockists on The Good Hearted but I reckon it's worth getting the pick of the crop for yourself in Coburg.


Veganopoulous and The Good Hearted have already given Al Nada a thorough blogging.

Al Nada Sweets
160 Sydney Rd, Coburg
9386 0002
facebook page

Accessibility: There is a small lip on entry (see photo above) and a clear space inside. Sweets are displayed at low-medium height. We ordered and paid at a high counter.


  1. thanks for the link! Love that selection you got and I'm impressed you made them last!

    1. You're welcome, Veganopoulous - a couple of outings served me well as a distraction from the sugar. :-P