Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A new tour of the inner north

Today we have another in-the-background blog update for you. We've refined our 12-hour bucket list of things to do in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, with lots of new photos and a few new venues.


  1. great stuff - if I had a free day I would be quite happy to spend it this way though I would duck into the vegie bar for chocolate cake rather than eating gelati after all the wonderful street art but I am glad to see Smith and Daughters is your final destination. Maybe I will get there one night.

    1. Thanks Johanna! Yes, you really must book a spot at S&D when you get the chance. Brunch/lunch is more kid-friendly than dinner, if that helps.

    2. I did have brunch last year which I enjoyed but would love to do the evening meal which is more of a challenge for us!