Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wide Open Road II

October 27, 2012

We enjoyed our recent visit to Wide Open Road so much that we were back barely a week later for a again (this time with the Moody Noodles). I was hungrier this time around (which is what happens when breakfast starts at 10 rather than 8:30) and decided to order the vegetarian version of the full English breakfast (confit tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, scrambled eggs and spinach on sourdough, $20). I didn't actually check what we paid for this, but the straight swap of bacon for spinach seems like a bit of a sad one to me. Luckily though the spinach was delicious - lightly fried and just a little bit crispy, with some excellent seasoning (lemon juice + salt maybe?). The rest was great as well - perfectly scrambled eggs, loads of great mushrooms and a big pot of the excellent smoky beans. 

Cindy went the more virtuous route, ordering the bircher muesli with rhubarb, orange and pistachios ($13). This was as good as it looks - I never order muesli at cafes because it seems like such an anti-climax, but this reminded me why it's sometimes a good idea. Loads of pistachios, beautiful tangy rhubarb and plenty of fresh orange pieces. It was heaps of food too - I had to pitch in to help Cindy finish.

Wide Open Road are really banging out some consistently good breakfasts (added bonus: K discovered that the scrambled tofu can be done gluten-free). We had friendly and sharp service again and I really love the post-renovation space. It's a new contender for my favourite breakfast place in town. 

Read about our previous visit to Wide Open Road here.

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street, Brunswick
9387 6079
veg breakfasts $7-16.50

Accessibility: Tables outside are on a sloping footpath and there are a couple of steps up on entry. There's a fair bit of space inside, although they manage to squeeze plenty of tables in there. There's full table service. We didn't visit the toilets.

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