Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mixed Business IV

May 12, 2012
Our friend Mike seems to have a minor obsession with Mixed Business - we've breakfasted there with him many more times than without him. On our most recent visit we arrived early, around 7:30, and had no problems grabbing a table inside.

After a large and rich dinner the night before, Michael thought it wise to order porridge ($9) - this one comes topped with baked rhubarb, cinnamon pear, honey yoghurt and toasted almonds. While Michael liked it and knew it to be a good choice, he was feeling order envy for Jo's potato rosti. He really is a savoury breakfast lover at heart.

I was all set for a similarly subdued order, the house muesli, until I spied a quince and pear crumble on the specials board ($12.50). It was just perfect, with thick fruit segments under a golden crunchy crust and generous scoop of tart yoghurt. It was a teensy bit sugary, of course, but no more so than many granolas. It staved off any desire for their gingerbread waffles.

I can't really complain that Mike keeps insisting we return to Mixed Business - they cater well to our variable breakfast needs.

You can read about some of our previous visits to Mixed Business here, here and here. Since our last post it's been loved and blogged at TOT: HOT OR NOT, I want the world to stop, imakecake eats Melbourne, Apples Under My Bed, Pramsandwich, EAT AND BE MERRY, FOR TOMORROW WE DIE(T), Let Me Feed You Melbourne, I'm so hungree, loved by frances, Simple Palates, Seriously and Munch & Muse. While I didn't miss the waffles on the day, I'm feeling a pang of envy now as I write up the post and view photo after photo of them!

Mixed Business
486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill
9486 1606
veg breakfasts $5-$15

Accessibility: Tables out front are roomy and under cover. The entrance, although flat, has a door that's a bit of a hassle to open (still, people seem to get prams in there!). Tables inside and out back are a bit crowded, though there's a wide path through the middle. Orders are taken at the table and paid for at a low-ish counter. The toilet is unisex and located waaay out back via an uneven and narrow-ish path; it's moderately sized and has a step up on entry.


  1. I went here for the first time last week! Great space, and delicious food. I opted for something savoury, but will be going back to try those gingerbread waffles sooner rather than later...

  2. Oh man... That spiced quince and pear crumble sounds amazing! My kinda breakfast for sure. I'd love to come here to try that sometime... YUM!