Monday, August 15, 2011

August 14, 2011: Mixed Business III

Without much forethought we managed to make the most of Sunday morning's mild weather, slowly riding the scenic route to Mixed Business for a late breakfast with Mike and Jo. We weren't surprised that it was busy; we put our names down and accepted a table outside when it was offered up a quarter-hour later. Though we and the waitress all assumed inside would be superior, we were blessed with lots of sun and no smokers in the vicinity.

The menu has changed a little since we last documented a meal here but it follows the same themes - lots of interesting savoury things on toast, a couple of sweeties, a goodly proportion of vegetarian options but not much that's vegan.

Coffees arrived promptly but food took a lot longer; the former had folks a lot more forgiving of the latter! Michael was very pleased with the free range poached eggs on sourdough with paprika and capsicum red beans, lemon and manchego ($14), though mushing it all together while keeping it on the plate was a challenge.

Once I read 'gingerbread waffles' ($14.50), I could look no further. They had a great crispy-yet-not-tough texture but were a little short on the spice for me. The gorgeous maple syrup baked apple slices were all I needed as topping... the vanilla bean icecream and candied walnuts were complementary but over-the-top by my breakfast criteria.

Even though we were tucked out the back at a busy hour, service was prompt and friendly throughout. Mixed Business carries its busy-ness well.

You can read about a couple of our previous visits to Mixed Business here and here. Since last time it's received positive mentions on " pleases us", Melbourne Gastronome, The World According to Wooly, MEL: HOT OR NOT, imakecake eats Melbourne, finicalgal (though she waited a long time to eat), Jentopia and Gastroeconomy.

Mixed Business
486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill
9486 1606
veg breakfasts $5.50-$14

Accessibility: Tables out front are roomy and under cover. The entrance, although flat, has a door that's a bit of a hassle to open (still, people seem to get prams in there!). Tables inside and out back are a bit crowded, though there's a wide path through the middle. There's full table service; we didn't visit the toilets.


  1. I may have to stop reading your blog after this. My family and I just left Melbourne to live back in Perth, Mixed Business was a favourite late breakfast place, with their great coffee and eggs/toast/+somthing combos. The massive amount of quality breakfast venues is what I'll miss the most.

  2. Gingerbread waffles sound great! I'm going to try these at home any make sure I amp up the spice. I haven't been to MB for a little while, but I had a very good sandwich there last time...

  3. Nudbot, I don't think I've been anywhere that does weekend breakfasts like inner north Melbourne! I hope we might see you back here to discuss home cooking, at least. :-) All the best for your new home in Perth.

    lexi - I think home-made waffles are indeed the answer!