Monday, August 29, 2011

More for Melbourne's veg*ns

Hot on the heels of our blogiversary comes the 2nd birthday of Planet VeGMeL! Planet VeGMeL aggregates the posts of participating vegetarian and vegan bloggers in Melbourne. And us vegos are pretty keen participators - there's 44 of us at last count. We'll be celebrating both on- and offline.

The main event is a picnic potluck on September 18. All readers and friends of VeGMeL are invited, not just its contributing bloggers. Please bring a plate of vegan food and a smile! An RSVP on the facebook event page would also be helpful for the organisers.

For those of y'all with blogs, Steph is also hosting 'that recipe seems very familiar...'. This is a chance showcase the awesome recipes blogged by fellow VegMellers. Our wish list is long and we'll be trying and blogging as many as we can between now and the September 13-ish deadline.

In other news for local veg*ns, Melbourne's Fringe Food Festival is hosting a 5-course vegan dinner with Embrasse's Nic Poeleart and winemaker Neil Prentice on September 7. Get in quick for tickets! We really enjoyed Poeleart's way with vegetables at this year's Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and can't wait to see what he'll do when butter, cheese and eggs are off the menu.


  1. theres also the sea shepard fundraiser by monk bodhi dharma!

  2. And this fundraiser for Edgar's Mission:

  3. Thanks, Carla and Danni!

    In other news, the vegan dinner at Embrasse is sold out.