Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 19, 2011: Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes

After lunch we headed back downfield* to the Noise Bar, which is right on the bike path. By day it's now home to Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes, who've been making a name for themselves in the past year selling vegan confections at places like the Empire Cafe, Radical Grocery and Las Vegan. In setting up their own space Lucas and Deb have also expanded their menu to savoury Tex Mex in the evening.

Daylight doesn't show up as much gig-venue grunge as I feared. Nevertheless, the place has a punky rockabilly vibe and the music's still turned up to eleven mid-afternoon.

Michael and I ordered a cupcake each ($4 apiece) and were very pleased with the goods! Most notably, the icing-to-cake ratio is much lower than seems common these days, making for a less sickly sweet experience. We heartily approve. Michael's Lemon Booberry cake was abundant with berries and had a little tartness to the icing. My Peanut Butter Cup was lovely and moist; not too rich. Now that my baseline flavour gets the tick I'll have to be more adventurous in future - I can barely imagine what joys the rosewater pistachio and French toast varieties might hold!

*not actually a direction.


You can also read about Mister Nice Guy's sweet treats on vegan about town and Ruby's Vegan Blog, then see their Tex Mex offerings on Words @ Random.

Edit 14/08/2011: Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes are no longer trading at this shopfront. They're still taking custom orders and their delicious desserts are still on sale at a range of cafes, stores and cinemas. We certainly haven't heard the last of them yet! 

Edit 06/10/2011: Now Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes are running their own stall at the Prahran Markets! We need to get down there, try some new flavours and report back properly.

Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes
291 Albert St, Brunswick (entrance via bike path)
0405 001 442
large cupcakes $4

Accessibility: This venue has a flat wide entrance and plenty of space around the tables and chairs inside (which include couches and coffee tables, as well as casual dining sets). Orders are received and paid for at a high counter.


  1. This is just around the corner from my office - I know where I'm going at lunch time today!

  2. I agree about the icing to cake ratio. Usually I don't like cupcakes because the icing is overdone, but these look delicious.

  3. Oh man, I hear you on the ratio thing. My favourite cupcake place has the perfect cake but they do go a bit overboard on the buttercream - fortunately the buttercream isn't toooooo sweet but it's the sort of thing that you eat for lunch and then have a very late dinner heh.

  4. GGF - lucky you to be so close by!

    Katya & Zo - glad it's not just me. After all, icing should only be... the icing on the cake. :-P