Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 28, 2011: Seven Seeds II

Cindy and I decided to get my birthday under way by revisiting Seven Seeds, a local cafe that we've not visited for an age. I don't need to tell you guys about Seven Seeds - they helped kickstart Melbourne's obsession with $8 coffees, their empire spans the inner-north and their specialty blends are stocked in all the trendiest places around town. Which is why it's so impressive that the place doesn't ooze trendy pretentiousness (unlike sister venue De Clieu, which is overrun with fixies and hipsters).

By 9:30, things were pretty packed - we nabbed the corner of the communal table and settled in to suss out our options. It's an unconventional set of options - light on the egg-based dishes and heavy on toasties and other bread-based goodies.

Cindy couldn't resist a sweet breakfast: brioche French toast, whipped blueberry mascarpone, spiced syrup and hazelnut crumbs ($13.50).

The toast was super soft and eggy with an incredibly sweet blueberry concoction. on top I really enjoyed the half a piece that I got to finish off, but Cindy found the whole plate a bit overwhelming - too much of a good thing I guess.

I opted for one of the toasties, filled with a crushed pea, mint and spring onion omelette with whipped feta, beetroot jam and organic sourdough bread ($11.50).

The toastie itself was outstanding - a crispy omelette filled with delicious mint and pea mush that gave everything a light sweetness. The feta addes some saltiness, and the bread was, perfectly toasted. On its own, the beetroot jam was delicious, but when smeared on the toasty, it's slightly tangy sweetness kind of overpowered the rest of the flavours.

My two soy flat-whites were outstanding (of course), and Cindy's chai was also top notch. The service is friendly and casual but efficient - they were always around when I was looking for them. I don't know why we haven't visited Seven Seeds more often - it's basically on a direct line between our house and the market and it's combo of great food, rad coffee and excellent service is hard to beat.

Read about our previous visit to Seven Seeds here.

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Seven Seeds

114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
9347 8664
Food: $4.50-$11.50

Accessibility: Excellent - wide, flat entry with plenty of space between tables. Payments are at a low counter.


  1. I'll be honest. In the past 3 years, the best cup of coffee I've ever had was at seven seeds. I don't dare to revisit again in case I get disappointed. ;)

  2. happy birthday michael - sounds like a good start to the day - love the omelette in a sandwich - might even be tempted to try one because it looks so green

  3. yes!! the French toast brioche was amazing!! :) man.. i'm tempted to go back there for more...

  4. ooh, haven't visited seven seeds in a while. Looks like their menu has changed a bit. Must go again. BTW, happy birthday, Michael - looks like you've had a yummy start to your birthday celebrations! :)