Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 7, 2011: Las Vegan III

July 3, 2015: Las Vegan have announced that they're closing the cafe and going to focus exclusively on catering from now on - we've sampled their catering before and it's great.

Las Vegan changed management a few months ago and I can happily report that it's looking good.  It's casual and unpretentious (though I suppose offering mock meat is technically pretentious!) and not as hippy-dippy as I always assume it will be.  Michael and I stopped by for dinner before a Thursday night comedy show.  The staff were incredibly friendly, although not entirely efficient; our meals arrived promptly so I was content.

Michael had the T & T salad ($10), a garden salad featuring bean shoots, chunks of tofu and tempeh and satay sauce.  He nominates the satay-slathered tempeh pieces as the highlight and was happy that it all tasted pretty healthy.

I went for the snitzel & chips ($10), which was served with more garden salad.  I really liked the proportions here - a modest and non-greasy piece of crumbed mock meat topped with chunky tomato sauce, then oodles of fresh veg and a satisfying serve of chunky skin-on chips with plenty of dipping sauce.  I hear these snitzels are a real knock-out in burger form too.

This is the kind of not-entirely-junk food I like making at home: burgers, chips, salads and sauces... there are also beans, mock mince and rice balls elsewhere on the menu.  With good execution and very reasonable prices, I may start relying on Las Vegan for those meals on my too-lazy-to-cook nights.


We've previously blogged about Las Vegan here and here.

Las Vegan
22 Smith St, Collingwood
9415 9001
veg mains $9-15

Accessibility: Pretty good - reasonable entry, plenty of space around tables, order at the table and pay at a low-ish counter.  We haven't visited the toilets.


  1. just discovered you yesterday...i have a food blog & live in bris. i love melb very much & your blog will help me not pine for the place so much! dayle

  2. Welcome, dayle! We're originally from Brisbane ourselves, so I'll enjoy browsing your blog for similar reasons. :-)