Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 5 & 9, 2011: Leftover makeovers - mushrooms & their marinade

After a weekend spent enjoying some fresh market produce, we re-purposed some of our leftovers for weeknight meals.  The mushrooms exchanged moisture and flavour with their marinade, and I used their liquid to flavour a stir-fry of mock beef strips, capsicum, carrot, bok choy and peanuts.  I gobbled this meal with gusto - the mushroom-infused marinade really added depth of flavour to what would probably otherwise have been some bland mock meat.

We were rather enjoying the mushrooms so we bought some more and baked them just like our previous batch, using our leftover grilled asparagus glaze and some garlic.  Michael baked up a dish of cornmeal crunch to partner them - this was terrific, though I found myself hankering for some chutney to add a little more moisture.

Mushrooms have so much flavour!  It was great stretching it out to last the week.

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