Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 10-11, 2011: Mushrooms on polenta (breakfast serial part III)

Now this is the kind of breakfast I'd never think to make - Ganga108 responded to my breakfast tweet with (among other things) a suggestion of polenta with sautéed mushrooms.  I've cooked similar stuff for dinner, though, so I pulled it together with some confidence.  I prepared a half-batch of this polenta, adding some fresh parsley and paprika, then sautéed my mushrooms in a little oil with a green onion, more fresh parsley and a splash of red wine vinegar.

This was enough polenta to last two meals so I set half of it in a tin, slicing and dry-frying it alongside my mushrooms on the second morning.  I was disappointed that the polenta strips weren't as tidy and cute as Michael's past efforts.

This is definitely worth a shot for lovers of cooked savoury breakfasts; I liked it best teamed with a glass of orange juice.  I found the preparation a little time consuming on day one, then reheating the leftover polenta and frying up some fresh mushies on day two only took about ten minutes.  Stirring and setting a big batch of polenta on Sunday could keep me sustained for brekky and on-time all week.


  1. yum! i could definitely eat a giant bowl of this right now! i love a hearty breakfast and this is right up my alley :D

  2. Teehee, I've made balsamic mushrooms on creamy polenta often but, like you, usually for dinner! This looks magnificent :)

  3. I was thinking of your breakfast challenge today because I have a new favourite breakfast - weetbix with promite and cheese - not a recipe but it is quite yummy and quick and easy - my problem is time - I would happily eat this polenta for breakfast if only someone else would make it for me

  4. Good work!

    I've been enjoying your breakfast posts. Something I had thought about for breakfast was an oat bake. I actually bookmarked a link a while ago with an oat bake but naturally can't find it now. That recipe suggested making a big pan of it on the weekend, then reheating a slice each morning and serving with milk etc.

    A similar idea is here - and note that that site has ridiculous breakfast recipes and quite the oat obsession. Trying some of the overnight oats might be good too.

    Disclaimer - haven't tried this myself but making something delicious from that site has been on my to do list!

  5. Johanna & Emily - thanks for your brekky suggestions! I'm adding them to my list. :-)