Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 9, 2007: Browns bakery

20/12/2012: The Carlton branch of Browns seems to have closed down. Looks like Baker's Delight won the battle.

I did some grocery shopping in the early afternoon on Saturday and picked up this vegetarian pasty ($5.20) from Browns Bakery on my way home. While I could have had it microwaved there, I elected to enjoy it in the comfort of my own couch after 15 minutes in the oven. The pastry is generous and comforting: a bit flaky, a bit buttery, but not at all greasy. The filling is dominated by potato but as you can see below, also includes a variety of other veges. The flavour is mild with a hint of pepper. After a couple of test bites I elected to add sauce, though it would be almost as enjoyable without it. While this was easily $5.20's worth of satisfaction on a winter afternoon it's possible that it's available elsewhere for less. I couldn't help noticing that Browns' corn, cheese and asparagus pie looked identical to the ones I occasionally buy from a University of Melbourne foodspot for $1-2 less.


  1. Weird - I was at Brown's at lunchtime today, $5.20 in hand, waiting for one of these. The guy at the counter told me that someone had just bought the last one - surely, it couldn't have been you?!?

    They are good - especially with tomato sauce.

  2. Weird, Lucy, but not THAT weird. :-) I bought mine yesterday, and there were at least four remaining when I left. Glad there are so many people enjoying these pastry parcels anyway!

  3. Brown's is pricey but you can't go past it from flourless chocolate muffins - great when I need some indulgence. I think I had a pie or pastie when I had brunch there last year - can't remember the exact food but it was good.

  4. Johanna, I haven't tried those muffins but I have been very lucky to sample a range of the sweets at someone else's expense: all the office birthday cakes here come from Browns! My favourite is the lemon cheesecake, it is tongue-tinglingly tart.