Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 16, 2007: Almost-as-good gyoza

Lucy from Nourish Me has a knack for pretty photos and simple, elegant recipes involving fresh produce. The latest one that I bookmarked was for kaffir lime leaf gyoza, and I tried my hand at them on Saturday evening. With a base of tofu and mushrooms, these are freshly flavoured with red chilli, ginger, spring onions and the eponymous kaffir lime leaves. Unfortunately, my gyoza were inferior to Lucy's on three main fronts:
  1. Most obviously, they aren't as attractive. (Next time I'll have to take a dumpling assembly lesson from Ellie.)
  2. I couldn't find any fresh kaffir lime leaves on my shopping trip (I was too lazy to get to the markets on time). Instead I found some preserved and shredded ones in a jar at Safeway.
  3. Because all of the filling ingredients were going in the food processor, I got lazy on the chopping and grating. This resulted in occasional but large flares of chilli and a woody texture from the lime leaves. If you're tempted to try these dumplings, do it properly and finely then just pulse the lot gently in the food processor. It'll maintain a bit of texture in the mushrooms and tofu.
In spite of my sloppiness, these were tasty little fellers! I'll certainly make them again, when I'm feeling patient enough to tackle wonton wrappers. For the recipe, head on over to Nourish Me.


  1. Very pleased you liked them.

    Off to check out Ellie's excellent guide to pleating.

  2. Lucy, your recipe looked much more achievable than the massive dumpling (and kimchi) marathons that Ellie and her family embark upon!

  3. Hi Cindy! Nice choice of recipe. Any dish that features tofu, mushrooms, ginger and chilli is guaranteed to get my attention. I've already printed this gyoza recipe so I can buy the required ingredients and I'll attempt to make it ASAP. And for anyone too lazy to make Japanese at home, I recommend Misuzu's restaurant in Albert Park - biggest and most interesting range of vegetarian Japanese dishes around.

  4. Hey Daniel! I hope you enjoy these - the flavour combination is just as good as you'd imagine. I haven't been to Albert Park and might trial your recommendation sometime. Whenever Japanese is on the menu, I have a terrible habit of going straight for the vege tempura! (Not that there's much else vego on a lot of menus anyway...)

  5. thanks for all the tips cindy - I am hoping to make gyoza some time so will take note of what you learnt (esp the food processor bit I would be tempted to relax on the chopping too) - and they look delicious

  6. Good luck Johanna! I hope my few comments will be of some help. :-)