Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunday brunch

March 11, 2012
Sunday started with an extended brunch at home. I was keen to use up a tub of silken tofu in the fridge and revisit Vegan Brunch's OMG omelettes. This idea got even more kitchen-friendly when I browsed the suggested omelette fillings and spied a combination of roast tomatoes (in the vege box), basil (on the balcony) and cashew ricotta (previously made here). Roasting potato cubes and sautéing mushrooms on the side cleared the vege box further still and only added to the delicousness.

Honestly, I think was a little too much tofu for me - it dominates both the omelette mixture and the ricotta - but the plate was nonetheless very, very satisfying. I've enjoyed smashing the leftover ricotta, basil leaves and tomatoes over bread since.


  1. I've had a tub of silken tofu in the fridge for ages that I finally used in soup and was really pleased at how creamy it became - but didn't think of omelettes - must try my hand at these again

    1. Creamy soup's a great idea for silken tofu, Johanna! I baulk at buying cream or sour cream for soup when only a few tablespoons are needed.