Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cafe Lua III

Update 27/1/2019: Cafe Lua has permanently closed.

March 24, 2012
Cafe Lua has become our go-to option when we want to grab a quick, local breakfast. The menu is extensive and interesting enough to keep us from getting bored, the staff are always lovely and the cafe itself is stylish and spacious.

This time around, Cindy and I both hit up eggy options – I had the corn cake stack with avocado, roast tomato, mushrooms (instead of the standard bacon), coriander pesto and a poached egg ($16). The corn cake had a nicely fried exterior and was filled with crunchy corn kernels and capsicum pieces – it was an excellent base for the pesto, poached egg and perfect half-avocado to be mushed together on top of. I even ate half the tomato before palming the rest off on Cindy.

Cindy built her own breakfast – a simple combo of fried eggs and avocado on corn toast ($11.50). The eggs were a bit runnier than she likes them (although they’d have been perfect for me), but otherwise she was pretty happy with her rare foray into the savoury side of the breakfast menu.

The word is evidently getting out there about Cafe Lua - by the time we left they were packed to the rafters, with a steady stream of people dropping in for takeaway coffee. It’s great to see an unpretentious and consistent cafe like this becoming a success – let’s just hope we don’t end up having to queue for a table.


Read about our first two visits to Cafe Lua here and here. There's been a few more positive reviews since our last visit - check out Fitzroyalty, Green Gourmet Giraffe and Her Lifestyle Project.

Cafe Lua
Cnr Elgin and Drummond Streets, Carlton
9348 1118
veg dishes $6 - $15

Accessibility: There's no step as you come in and the cafe is spacious and well-lit (although things get a bit crowded when it fills up with people waiting for takeaways). Ordering takes place at the table, with payment at a low-ish counter. We still haven't checked out the toilets.


  1. Both breakfasts look good but I would still choose the quinoa porridge that Cindy had the first time. :)

    Sweets win all the time with me!

    1. Alexe - I was seriously thinking about that porridge on this visit but I really wanted the corn toast, which was a little sweet. :-)

  2. I quite fancy those corn cakes - must get along there again. And I am glad to hear they are busy because it wasn't that busy when we were there last - but it was a hot day over the summer holidays period I think. Not that I want to queue but I always like to see a cafe patronised enough to keep it viable

    1. Johanna - I'm sure you'd like the corn cakes, though like me I imagine the poached egg might put you off (?).