Monday, September 27, 2010

Devouring vegan Sydney

We recently spent a weekend in Sydney with the sole purpose of eating.  Of course the best eating usually happens with good company and we had that too, sharing our tables with a revolving cast of Melbourne- and Sydney-based vegans.  K and Toby were with us all the way and between us we've blogged the heck out of it.  Here's a run-down of where we ate:

  • We shared plates, frustrations and an elegant dessert at Yulli's


  • We stumbled and grumbled our way to Bondi for a Funky Pie brunch
  • Vegans Choice tempted us back for more sweets
  • We ordered more than we thought we'd ever need at Bodhi in the Park.  But yum cha often has that effect, right?


  1. Co-blogging project - love it!

  2. Yes, this'll be fun!

    But I want it on public record that I did not pressure K or Toby to save posts up or publish them in order. :-D