Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 10, 2010: Sinbad's

06/04/2013: Sinbad's has given way to Krunchy Roll. We don't know whether it's changed management or just had a makeover; it looks like there are still kebabs on offer, and other rolls too.

Cindy and I have noticed the promising-looking Sinbad's many times as we've gone past on the tram and Fitzroyalty's write-up made it clear that it was worth a trip, so when I was near the uni at lunch time we decided we should meet up and try it out.

The menu provides heaps of vegetarian options, including five different vegie combination plates for $9.50 each. These seemed the easiest ordering option, so Cindy and I picked one each (plus bread for $0.50 extra) and settled in for our food.

The first thing to note is the size - these make for a big lunch! Pictured below is my plate (Plate E: Pastizi, beans, falafel, cauliflower, eggplant and vine leaves).

This was a heaping helping of deliciousness, from the deliciously oily but strangely light bean combo to the charred cauliflower, crunchy falafel and cute little pastry, everything on the plate was a winner. If anything, the dips and falafel suffered a tiny bit in comparison to the mind-blowing offerings at Tiba's, but the cheesy pastry was comprehensively better (and this was cheaper, if smaller than the Tiba's version).

Cindy ordered plate A (5 falafel, tahini dip, pickles, lettuce, parsley and tomato).

She enjoyed the freshly cooked falafel balls and got to feel a bit healthier than me by virtue of all the salad on her plate.

We were both very satisfied with our lunches - tasty, fresh food, super friendly staff and reasonable prices make this a winning lunch option right near the campus. Compared to many of the cheap places in the neighbourhood, Sinbad's particularly excels in the vegetarian department, with oodles of delicious choices on offer.

Address: 740 Swanston Street, Carlton
Ph: 0405 619 615
Price: $5 - $9.50


  1. You've been writing a lot recently! I like it :-) Sinbad's is fantastic isn't it? So much better than it needs to be given it's across the road from campus, but at the same time strangely not full to overflowing. Given the quality and variety of the food it should be! I particularly love the cauliflower - very delicious.

  2. I don't spend much time in the city recently - but I remember a sinbad's kebab shop in smith street when I lived in Fitzroy and had wondered if it was any relation but doesn't seem so. I have noticed cauliflower at a few middle eastern cafes lately - good to see it out and about

  3. Hi Brian - yes, we've got a lot to write about at the moment! The uni population is lucky to have Sinbad's so close. Now that I've tried it I'll certainly be returning on my days without a packed lunch.

    Johanna, I love a good cauliflower dish too. :-)