Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 18, 2010: Vegans Choice Grocery

Right across the street from Naked Espresso is Vegans Choice Grocery.  Though it does sell some specialty vegan groceries, this shop's most eye-catching goods are the desserts!  We couldn't get enough of them, visiting on both Saturday and Sunday and even buying some more for the trip home.  K, the guru of all things vegan and sugar-based, has written a run-down here.


  1. Glad you at least got a close up the cupcake! I was too busy jumping up and down with excitement and Toby wasn't interested enough to take a pic.

  2. Aw yum. When Andy and I were in Newtown earlier this year we had plans to get cupcakes but were always too full for anything but ice cream. I am definitely regretting that decision now.

  3. K - you know Toby, so indifferent to desserts. ;-)

    Theresa - I think the ice cream is some of the best vegan stuff I've tasted! And it's more easily added to an already-full stomach. :-D