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Kopitiam Singapore Cafe

January 16, 2014

On our first evening back in Hobart we strolled along Collins St and spotted a cafe (signed Kopitiam!) that hadn't been there before. I burbled about kaya toast and teh tarik as we approached the menu and I'm sure my face fell when I didn't read them on the menu. However we found something more broadly exciting: a full page dedicated to vegetarian meals, eight noodle, curry and rice dishes featuring mock meat! We made sure to stop in for lunch the next day, since they shut at 7pm.

Beyond the vegetarian heading, dietary requirements require a bit of sleuthing and the menu recommends that diners consult with the staff. Given that each dish is made to order, we reckon they'd be able to skip eggs and substitute rice noodles as required.

Kopitiam's mock stocks proved to be running low so my Singapore Nasi Goreng ($13.90) was dotted with chicken rather than BBQ pork pieces. The finely diced mixed vegetables were pretty tired (possibly frozen?) but the rice had a nice char and the crunchy fried shallots on top boosted the flavour.

There was a little more mock chicken in the Stir Fry Singapore Curry Mee ($13.90), though this dish was dominated by thick doughy egg noodles in a warmly spiced gravy.

But the best was yet to come. I convinced Michael to stick around a little longer while I ordered a Singapore Ice Kacang ($5.50) for dessert. It was a gaudy, icy treat - shot with sugary syrups, seams of coconut milk and topped sweet corn.

As I mined deeper I was rewarded with peach slices, red beans, tapioca pearls and grass jelly. It's a dreamy sundae for when a heatwave hits.

Hobart's got a surprising abundance of mock meat lunch spots in the city, and it's cool to see these veg options sitting on an omni menu at Kopitiam. But it's the ice kacang and not the novelty protein that'll draw me back next time I'm in town.



Kopitiam Singapore Cafe
86 Collins St, Hobart
0450 588 761
veg dishes $13.90
facebook page

Accessibility: Kopitiam has one step up on entry and is quite spacious inside. We ordered and paid at a high counter, then food was brought to our table. Toilets are gender-segregated and located down half a dozen stairs.

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