Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mo Mo Bubble Tea & Coffee House

June 21, 2013

My sneaky visit to Hobart was more about art than food (I've pulled together some more highlights below), but I made sure to fit in a final lunch at Mo Mo before gathering up my gear and returning to the airport. Mo Mo's city outlet (there's another in Sandy Bay) has a modest takeaway set-up with just a few seats for eating in.

Like any bubble tea shop worth its pearls, Mo Mo offers several dozen different flavours - milky or not, cold or warm with all manner of add-in jellies, pearls and popping juice balls. I picked out a regular passionfruit tea ($3.50) with coconut jelly (+$0.50).

Though this shop's name boasts primarily of its beverages, Mo Mo has some great veg food going on. A hot box held spring rolls and quiches, a neighbouring display case contained ready-made rolls and the overhead menu listed 8 different vege burgers (half of which contain mock meat). A coeliac would struggle, but the menu board promises "vegan available". My soy fish was surprisingly light and flaky, backed up with tartare and sweet chilli sauces, lots of greens and tomato, some fairly superfluous grated cheese and a sturdy bun ($8.90).

Mo Mo's staff were as sweet as the bubble tea, and I thought it offered great value for money. It's just a short hike from the wharf and Salamanca Place and I'd certainly make time for this diversion again.

Mo Mo Bubble Tea & Coffee House
69 Murray St, Hobart
0421 762 097
veg snacks & burgers $0.70-8.90
facebook page

Accessibility: Mo Mo has a small lip on the door and only limited space inside. There are a couple of small outdoor tables on a sloped footpath and a high bench lining the window inside. I ordered and paid at a low-ish counter. There's no clear toilet access.


  1. Ahhh, when I lived in Hobart I loved MoMos! We got hooked to the CBD store with the friendly staff, who would make us up special vegan focaccias before they had many other vegan options on the menu. The Sandy Bay one is great - it has more sit down space and things like steamed buns, gyoza, laksas and various mock meat dishes...and so CHEAP!

    1. Welcome, littleveganbear! I will have to get to one of the other outlets on a future visit to Hobart.