Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good Freakin Food

October 16, 23 & 29, 2013

My work buddies and I have been in mourning for Hello Aubergine since she packed up and moved out of Melbourne. Despite all the treats available on Gertrude Street, there was something lovely about having a steady stream of varied, healthy and delicious lunches delivered to the office each week. We’ve been missing it.

Thankfully, we’re finally moving on. Good Freakin Food have taken up where Hello Aubergine left off (minus the bike-based delivery system). They provide a vegan and gluten-free lunch each week, delivered anywhere in inner-city Melbourne. We get our deliveries on Tuesdays (Fitzroy, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Carlton, North Melbourne, West Melbourne and Brunswick) and there’s a follow-up round on Wednesdays (Richmond, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, CBD, East Melbourne). You need at least three orders to get them to swing by and I would really, really encourage you to start recruiting your office mates. This is some fantastic food.

Lunches are basically salad-based, with three components - a veggie-based mix, something grainy and some sort of treat on top. The first week we scored a Middle Eastern rice and quinoa salad with currants, almonds and herbs, topped with a salad of spinach leaves, grated carrot and beetroot, pepitas and capped off with quinoa crumbed eggplant chips and a homemade pesto dressing. Seriously amazing.

The second week (pictured top) was based around a broccoli and pumpkin fritter, with a zucchini and sweet potato salad and a rice, carrot, currant and herb base, plus three delightfully fresh asparagus spears draped across the top. It didn’t quite hit the heights of the eggplant, but it was another burst of freshness to help kickstart the working afternoon.

Just to make sure I didn't mislead our readers, I snuck in a third lunch. The non-salad centrepiece this time was a pea and carrot arancini block, with a brilliantly crispy coating. The first salad was a simple mix of greens and cabbage with pumpkin seeds, raisins and goji berries. It mixed nicely with the second: a cold noodle salad with beetroot, carrot, zucchini, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and a sesame dressing. A few colleagues wanted a bit more punch in the dressing, but I liked the mild, fresh flavours (nothing has quite matched the basil dressing though).

The salad boxes are $12 and are more than enough food to get you through until dinner, but you can supplement your order with organic coconut and cacao sweet treats ($3) or a fresh cold pressed mixed juice ($7). If you want the full set you can order the lunchbox at a slightly discounted price of $20.

We’ve managed to grow our weekly lunch gang from 4 to 9 in just three weeks as people peer across desk dividers or overhear our rave reviews in the lunchroom – and it’s been satisfying vegos and non-vegos alike in my office. So like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or keep an eye on their webpage – orders go in on Monday and then you just sit back and wait for the deliciousness to arrive. Enjoy!

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  1. I kept scouring your photos and descriptions for the alleged treat, but then realised you didn't mean that it came with dessert after all. Eggplant is not a treat in my books, but each to their own. ;)

    1. I did exactly the same thing, Hannah. :-D

  2. I wish for lunches such as these - if someone would bring them to me I would be happy - esp with the bacon chips - but as it would not suit right now, I will have to bide my time (wish there was a cafe we could visit)

  3. Ooh! I'm totally telling my vegan work friend and my dairy and gluten-free vegetarian friend about this - and that's my three people sorted!