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Madame K's Vegetarian II

April 4, 2012
We first hit up Madame K very soon after it opened and, while the food was excellent, things were still running a bit sluggishly. We'd since heard a few people express their disappointment in Madame K in terms of both food and service, so we thought we should go back and reassess.

Things were fairly quiet at 12:30pm on a Wednesday, but it was clear that they'd got their shit together a bit in the last few months - our order was taken quickly and food came out within 15 minutes or so. Even better: the food was at least as good as our first visit.

I ordered the Prik Khing (stir-fried crispy tofu with red curry, beans, capsicum, chilli and jasmine rice, $14.90).

This was a nice combo of fresh, crispy veggies and deliciously fried tofu chunks. The curry sauce was mild but tasty and the rice was cooked to perfection. $14.90 is pushing it a bit for a fairly straightforward veggie curry, but everything was executed nicely and there was plenty of food, so I'm not really complaining.

Cindy ordered from the entree part of the menu, settling on the roti channai massaman (mushroom-made lamb curry served with (non-vegan) roti bread, $8.90).

This is super value - it's a decent sized serve of excellent 'lamb' curry with fresh and delicious roti bread to scoop it up with. A very impressive sub-$10 lunch.

So we're standing by our first review of Madame K - everything we've eaten there has been pretty damn great. Prices aren't cheap, although there's value to be had in the entree list, and the standard of service seems to have improved markedly since they first opened. I think Yong is still a marginally better bet (wider range, slightly cheaper prices) but Madame K is a welcome addition to Fitzroy's vegetarian riches.


Surprisingly few bloggers have visited Madame K since they opened - just Life is Random popping up with a positive review since we last reviewed it.


Madame K's Vegetarian
367 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
9415 6909
snacks & mains $4.90-16.90

Accessibility: There's a small step up on entry and tables are quite densely laid out. We ordered at the table and paid at a medium-high counter at the back. We didn't visit the toilets.

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  1. we ate at madam k's last night and the food was awesome. i'm pretty much so put off by veg restuarants in melbourne that i rarely eat out. its usually disappointing and a big waste of money. but madam k's didnt dissapoint so i am over the moon that a veg restuarant has finally opened close to where i live that i can visit often and know that i'll get great food. the people working there are really nice and i hope they succeed because you cant have enough good veg restuarants.