Monday, December 05, 2011

L'atelier de Monsieur Truffe II

07/03/2013: The management team here has changed and the cafe is now known as East Elevation.

December 2, 2011
We had an ex-Melbournite and big Monsieur Truffe fan visiting last week and we decided she couldn't go back to Brisbane without trying the newish Truffe place up on Lygon Street. We loved it the first time we went and were both happy to start our workdays a bit late to squeeze in brekkie at 8am.

The menu has changed substantially since we first visited - neither of the dishes we had the first time remained. I decided to try out something sweet this time, the apricot and nectarine parcel, with baked leatherwood honey and ricotta and pistachios ($15).

I was expecting the parcel to be some sort of pastry-based treat, but instead it was actually a parcel - fruit wrapped in paper and (I guess) lightly poached. The apricots and nectarines were soft and ripe, swimming in a big puddle of juice. The little baked ricotta and honey slice was delicious, particularly in combination with the pistachio pieces on top. I didn't really find a good way to combine the two parts of this dish, although I think that they'd work pretty well together. So this was a bit awkward to eat - delicious, but not quite what I hoped for.

Cindy ordered the hotcakes (with Queensland strawberries, lemon syrup and almond & hazelnut praline, $15).

She raved about them - citrusy syrup, crunchy candied nuts and fresh strawberries all combined with perfect fluffy pancakes. They were so good that I didn't even get a bite.

L'atelier de Monsieur Truffe hit the mark again for us. The service was unsurprisingly good at 8am on a Friday (we were the only table there for the first half an hour or so), the coffees and teas were delicious and the takeaway pain au chocolat that I took with me was as wonderful as ever.

Read about our first visit to L'atelier de Monsieur Truffe here. In the few months since we visited, adventures of the ordinary, polyphagia, green been food, Addictive and Consuming, Almost Always Ravenous, dear melbourne and Little thoughts have given it the thumbs up, while Everything is Edible, mmmays food blog and Miss Adriennely were less impressed.

L'atelier de Monsieur Truffe
351 Lygon Street, Brunswick East
9380 4915
veg brekkies $6-16

Accessibility: Excellent. A ramp on entry, great light, lots of space and a dedicated disabled toilet. Ordering happens at the table and payment at a reasonably low counter.


  1. I was planning to go. But my friend said service on Sat morning was a bit slow? Gotta clear some time and come down!

  2. Oh wow! Those hotcakes sound extraordinary, better than the limited offerings when we were last there -- were there any more sweet breakfasts on the menu? :)

  3. I've been wanting to visit this place for ages! So many places to go and only one tiny tummy :(

  4. Oh, I think the poached fruit and baked ricotta looks gorgeous and adorable! That could be predominately because I adore leatherwood honey and pistachios, though.

  5. Anh - it is very popular on weekends, so yes the service might be slow. We were lucky to have the staff's full attention on this weekday morning. :-)

    MoMo & Coco - they were perfect! Besides the hotcakes and the fruit parcel, there's also French toast on the current menu.

    Ms I-Hua - yep, we are spoiled for choice in Melbourne! It's the only reason I can think that I'm not visiting this place every single week.

    Hannah - I think it's pretty cute too. Any ideas for eating it elegantly? :-P

  6. Great when they change the menu so you can try something amazing and new, but also sad to say good bye to the old favourites.. those hotcakes look beyond amazing though!

  7. MM - they really were something! I think the best thing about the changing menu here is the beautiful seasonal fruit. :-)