Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grandstand Gourmet Hot Dogs

January 2016: Doing a bit of blog tidying up and it looks like this place has been closed for ages.

December 17, 2011

When we posted about Snag Stand, twitter burst into life with hot-dog recommendations. My eye was particularly caught by Astarlia's recommendation of Grandstand Hotdogs, promising of really good vegan hot-dogs for $6. So with the combination of a sunny day and some rare spare time during the pre-Christmas craziness, Cindy and I wasted no time in checking it out.

Despite (or because of) the sunshine, Birrarung Marr was pretty deserted, meaning no queues at the hot-dog stand. The menu provides a wide variety of dogs, from the straight-up ketchup and mustard version, to less conventional approaches (e.g. Thai and Malaysian-inspired hot dogs!). Cindy is a staunch traditionalist - she doesn't even think onions really belong on a dog, so she ordered the classic version ($6).

The veg sausages here are much less fancy than those on offer at the Snag Stand; we suspect they're Sanitarium brand hot dogs. Still, stuffed into a white bun roll and slathered in sauce and mustard, these are much closer to a traditional hot-dog than the fancy-schmancy versions served up at Snag Stand. It's all pretty basic - cheapo dawgs in cheapo buns with loads of condiments. Still, for $6 she had no real complaints.

I went a bit more upmarket - the Bavarian comes with pickles, warm sauerkraut, onions, sour cream and mustard (and a few bonus napkins!). Despite all the additions, this is still only $6, making it one of the better value hot dogs around - Lord of the Fries charges $8 and the Snag Stand closer to $10 (although the appallingly-named 'Massive Weiners' in Prahran apparently has a $5 veggie foot long!). All the accompaniments make it hard work to eat this with any dignity, but nobody's really shopping for dignity at a hot-dog stand. Sauerkraut is a particularly excellent addition to a hot-dog, and this whole package worked very well. I'm keen to go back and try out the chilli-dog in the not-too-distant future.

Tummy Rumbles were reasonably positive when they visited (some three years ago now!), and I can't find anybody else who has bothered to review them.

Grandstand Gourmet Hot Dogs
Birrarung Marr (behind Federation Square), Melbourne
vegetarian hot dogs $6 (be warned, their site doesn't seem that up to date)

Accessibility: The hot dog stand is on the highly accessible path that runs along Birrung Marr. Ordering and pick-up occurs at a high counter. There are park benches and steps around to sit on, but not a great deal of shade.


  1. I think I prefer the sound of the snag stand which I have tried once but I want to try their snags with sauerkraut - that is my sort of topping - unfortunately am at birrung marr less so am less likely to try it but will try and remember should circumstances find me there

  2. Johanna - ask carefully about Snag Stand's sauerkraut before ordering it! We hear a rumour that it includes bacon.