Monday, November 29, 2010

November 22, 2010: Zesty orange mojo tofu

We had a bit of time on Sunday to put together a speedy meal for weekday leftovers before heading out for dinner and a movie. This is yet another Viva Vegan* baked tofu recipe, following on from the success of the chimichurri tofu. It follows the same basic approach, with a marinade made from orange juice and zest, lime juice, garlic, and spices. We mistimed everything a little and left the tofu a bit under-baked so it lacked the wonderful texture of our first shot, but the flavours were fantastic - sweet and tangy, spiced up with garlic and oregano.

Cindy took it upon herself to whip up some sides - using up our silverbeet  with capers and sultanas (also from Viva Vegan). This was an ideal accompaniment, its dressing cutting through the slightly dry tofu and the salty capers adding another flavour to the mix. She also made up some red quinoa, rounding things out perfectly. This all left us with some magnificent lunches for the working week ahead.

*We've already reproduced a bunch of Viva Vegan recipes, so I'm not going to spell the whole thing out here.  Seriously, go and buy this book; it's brilliant.

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  1. This was the one dish from the books that we made and both didn't like, it just tasted quite bitter. Maybe we didn't bake it long enough.