Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 7, 2010: Yong Green Food IV

Yong has been on K's hit list as a place to visit while she temporarily returns to eating gluten, so we shared an early dinner there before heading to the Fox Hotel for Cherchez la Femme

K was keen to try the mung bean pancake ($10.50).  Though it's a little plain-looking it's not boring to eat, very much like the kimchi pancake Michael ordered here previously.

I was most curious to try the tofu pocket platter ($7.50) and it's now probably my favourite Yong dish!  The tofu-skin pocket is stuffed with rice and topped with a generous mound of 'tuna' dressed in mayonnaise.  It's moist and salty with just the right amount of chew; even the raw red onion in the tuna salad didn't bother me. 

K and I also shared the Korean BBQ ($13.50, pictured up top), although we didn't have the appetite to get far through it.  The sliced 'beef' was very tender, the sauce had a chilli kick, and the brown rice and green leaves on the side prevent it all from feeling too junky.

Every visit to Yong has been a pleasure.  The staff are lovely and the menu is surprisingly varied.  I'm enjoying working my way through their dishes - not all of them suit my tastes, but there's far more good than bad.

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