Friday, September 10, 2010

August 30, 2010: Fox Hotel II

It didn't take us too long to return the Fox Hotel with our pub club chums.  On this Monday night it was less full but there was still a pleasant buzz to the room.  We were sharing the space with fellow diners more than dedicated drinkers.

Of course Michael and I were both keen to explore the veg-friendly menu further.  Michael returned to the dish they couldn't serve him last time - an open tofu and potato red curry pie topped with a Thai salad of coriander, peanuts, cucumber and sprouts ($17).  The piled-up approach makes for striking presentation but somewhat inconvenient eating; once Michael had messed that all up he was a happy camper.

I decided I'd sample a couple of items from the snack menu.  The garlic bread ($4) was as fluffy and buttery as hoped and I liked that they added some rocket to the plate as a crunchy-bitter contrast.

The mushroom and tofu gyozas ($10) also arrived with some welcome greens.  I thought the mayonnaise drenching was a bit unnecessary but it didn't spoil my dumpling experience - I was too taken with the filling's wonderful deep mushroom flavour.  I didn't expect such a thing in a pub environment!

We're very happy to confirm that our first fine meal at the Fox wasn't a complete fluke.  It looks like they are consistently rocking veg pub cuisine.

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