Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 20, 2009: Tart'n'round

On a Sunday with nothing important to do, Michael and I eagerly set off for Preston by bike. Our first stop was La Panella for a lunch of pies and sausage rolls. Afterwards we slowly made our way back south along High St, pausing at an Indian grocer for inessential (but fun!) supplies. Ultimately we were aiming for dessert at Tart'n'Round. We first encountered this company's vegan gluten-free sweets at last year's World Vegan Day and since then they've opened up a cafe in Thornbury. Kristy scooped their opening almost three months ago and still can't stop gabbing about how great they are.

This didn't just influence us - Kristy's ravings had inspired Steph and D to stop in for lunch too! They thoroughly enjoyed sampling the savoury side of the menu, and between us I think we covered the range of soy shakes ($6 each). Steph's chocolately version had mighty wodges of the stuff, while my strawberry one was a little more restrained; D seemed to approve of the banana version.

Restrained is not the appropriate word for the desserts on offer at Tart'n'Round. For starters, check out that black forest cake ($6) at the top of this post! The gluten-free flour gives the cake an unusual texture (one I'm not a fan of) but this dish will immediately win over lovers of mock cream and over-the-top sweets.

Michael's choc-mint mudcake ($6) is more my style. It has the fudgy intensity found in many flourless chocolate cakes but the mint takes it somewhere new - it's as if they've distilled the essence of a thousand Mint Slice biscuits and crammed them into each piece. In servings this large, it could be lethal. Oh, but what a way to die!

Dessert comes in other shapes and sizes - there's ice-cream, slices, biscuits and other confections, all available to take away as well as eat in. I don't think we'll be so bold as to order a dessert each again, but I've vowed to return for the brownie sundae whether Michael agrees or not.

Update 10/5/10: Unfortunately, Tart 'n' Round Cafe has ceased trading - they're back to focussing on their delicious sweet treats.

Address: 839 High St, Thornbury
Phone: 9480 0818


  1. hang on a sec, those dessert are completely vegan! Wow, so impressed they look and sound DELICIOUS!!!!

  2. Mandee, I know you would love it!

    Maria, it's very impressive and I can assure you that nothing tastes weird or soy-like. :-)