Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 9, 2007: The Vegie Bar IV

Here are a few more dishes from the extensive meat-free menu at the Vegie Bar. First up, Michael's nachos ($8.50): a typically generous Vegie Bar portion, but a shame that it doesn't include some saucy beans. I had two starters: first, a couple of kofta balls ($5.50) and then a Siamese samosa ($2.80). The accompanying tomato sauce has a spunky spicy kick; the kofta balls have an earthy flavour and a few nutty surprises; the samosa is reassuringly squidgy and curry-flavoured.

This place is for the vegetarian (and veg-friendly) fast-food lover: filling and cheap with few flourishes.

(You can also read about our first, second and third visits to the Vegie Bar.)

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