Monday, March 26, 2007

March 24, 2007: Aussie-Asian stir-fry

After the gluttony of Saturday, Michael and I were looking for something fresh and light for dinner. We picked up some veges, noodles and tofu on the way home from the Flour Festival and I got the tofu marinating. As a change from the usual soy sauce-based marinade that I throw together, I tried a packet mix (I bought it at Oxfam the other week along with the endangered species chocolate!): it's Outback Spirit Lemon Myrtle Chilli Dry Marinade ($4.95). The instructions make it clear that it's intended for white meats and seafood, but it proved to work equally well on diced firm tofu. The moisture on the tofu is just enough for the powder to adhere to, and it doesn't pull away once it's all in the non-stick frypan, either. It tastes great: the lemon myrtle reminds me very much of lemongrass, a natural pair for chilli. Combined with some fresh crunchy veges, this was just the meal we needed after a lunchtime of stall food. The downside is that the first ingredient on this pre-packaged marinade is sugar! (It doesn't taste overly sweet, but there you go.) For this reason I'm not planning to buy the marinade mix again - instead I might pick up a jar of lemon myrtle and try my own hand at a seasoned flour mix.

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