Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 23, 2007: Little Malaysia Restaurant

January 2016: Doing a bit of blog tidying up and it looks like this place closed down in mid-2015.

Cindy had read about the two-for-one cocktails on offer at Double Happiness during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, so along with recent immigrants from Brisbane, Lee and Tracy, we squeezed our way into the tiny space for a drink. The cocktail on offer was based on ginger-infused vodka, with mint, apple-juice and lime. They were very refreshing in the heat of a humid Friday evening. Unfortunately, by the time we left the bar and started looking for dinner, the humidity had turned to rain and, with one umbrella between the four of us, we looked no further than our laneway location. The Cheap Eats Guide recommended Horoki, but with the rain halving their table space, they had nowhere for us to sit.

Luckily, the Malaysian place across the street had space for us and we scurried in before we were completely drenched. The menu was substantial, with a range of curries and other dishes. Despite the variety, Lee, Tracy and I all settled on roti-based meals - Tracy and I with a vegetable curry accompaniment and Lee with something beefy. Cindy was a bit more original, and went for dried crispy tofu with rice. The roti and veg. curry were delicious - simple but spicy curries and fluffy fried breads. The roti to sauce ratio was almost perfect, although both Tracy and I ended up with a couple of bites of bread that were a bit short of sauce to soak up. Cindy's tofu reminded me a little of salt and pepper tofu, although it was given a more Malaysian feel with red chilli (which Cindy carefully picked out after an early coughing fit) and spring onions. The tofu squares were crispy and tasty, although with just tofu and steamed rice (and a few vegetable garnishes) it was probably a tad lacking in variety.

Still, for a random choice on a rainy Friday evening, the Little Malaysia Restaurant was a pretty good find - if the prices were a fraction lower, I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for a spicy evening meal.

Address: 26 Liverpool Street, Melbourne
Ph: 9662 1678
Price: Vegetarian mains: $12 - $19


  1. You should definitely try to go back to Horoki, I loved it. I've gone back twice in a space of 3 weeks and found the food so innovative and delicious both times. I can't wait to go back again and try out more of their menu.

  2. Hi Thanh7580!
    I noticed your most recent review of Horoki - I will keep it in mind for future city trips. :-)