Thursday, January 21, 2016

Preachers, Hobart

January 14, 2016

We headed down to Hobart on Thursday for our annual pilgrimage to the wonderful MOFO festival. With no gig-going planned for our first night in town, we met up with some friends to suss out some bars around Battery Point. We started off at the cute and difficult-to-find tiki bar South Seas Cocktail Lounge, which got us started with some lovely cocktails.

The cocktails left us keen to find dinner somewhere close by, so we ducked around the corner to Preachers, a burger-focussed pub that we knew had a few vego options. The wind had kicked up too much for us to enjoy the beer garden (complete with school bus), so we huddled inside and looked over the menu.

It's surprisingly veg-friendly - there's a vegan pumpkin and mushroom burger and a vego felafel one, plus a good array of fried small plates and a salad. I was pretty psyched to try the vegan burger, but Cindy returned from the bar with the surprising news that Preachers had somehow run out of burger buns at 8:25 on a Thursday night and what's more, we had 5 minutes before the kitchen closed. We quickly rejigged our plans and ordered one each of almost everything else vegetarian on the menu - clockwise from the top: felafel ($12), pumpkin and chickpea salad ($12), fries ($6.50), onion rings ($6.50) and Tasmanian tempura mushrooms ($12).

The felafels were just passable - a bit doughy, but at least not too dry, but everything else hit the spot pretty well. The mushrooms and onion rings were probably the stand-outs, but the salad was an essential dish given how fried everything else on the table was. I think we were all a bit disappointed about the lack of burgers, but this table full of fried goods was a reasonably good fallback.

Fortified, we decided to continue bar-hopping, heading back to Society, a place that Will had scoped out earlier for its fancy spirits range. Look at that bar!

The cocktail selection was superb - Cindy's chocolate and whey (with Hartson sheep whey vodka, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur and chocolate shavings, $18) was the pick of the bunch, smelling like a box of Cadbury Roses and packing a delicious boozy punch. My Salamanca sloe gin was a combo of two kinds of McHenry gins (Sloe and Dry), with sugar, lemon and soda ($18) was a bit more refreshing, but I couldn't hide my chocolate envy.

With such a bar-heavy start to our weekend in Hobart Preachers turned out to be an excellent dinner choice, soaking up the booze and leaving us in good shape to tackle MOFO 2016 (see first day pics below).


The first place we spotted Preachers was on Veggies & Me's vegetarian guide to Hobart. It's also been reviewed positively at Living and Loving Hobart, The Hobart life and katiecrackernuts

5 Knopwood St, Hobart
6223 3621
burgers and salads, share plates and fried stuff
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Accessibility: There are steps up into the bar, although things are relatively flat and clear once you're in. We ordered and paid at a high bar, and didn't visit either the beer gardens or the toilets.

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