Wednesday, February 20, 2013


February 3, 2013

Bloodwood is another hip venue brought to Michael's attention via The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry. Though I think he would've liked a full night of tapas, cocktails, dim lighting and pounding music, we made do with a sly dessert (and an ever slier wine for Michael) on a Sunday night.

The Bloodwood dessert selection ($25) was a suitable sampler. For now, it's composed of:
  • a sweet and sour hot mess of pavlova with berries and passionfruit chiboust,
  • a trifle of sturdy pound cake with champagne anglaise, port wine jelly, yoghurt mascarpone and not quite enough cherries, and
  • a rich wedge of crunchy-smooth chocolate, caramel and peanut torte with a fluffy banana mousse and more peanuts.
They were all eminently pleasing if not surprising.

Bloodwood was clearly in hot demand, with many people willingly waiting for a table in the restaurant section, or folding themselves around tiny bar furniture that could just barely contain their shared plates. On the strength of Bloodwood's desserts I'd take my place the queue, at least once.

Bloodwood's vegetarian options have been explored more thoroughly on The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry and Veg with Edge

The Hand that Rocks the Ladle likes the venue but not the food, and there are other mixed experiences on to taste is divine, Yewenyi and Opining, Whining & Dining.

416 King St, Newtown NSW
(02) 9557 7699
desserts $9-26

Accesibility: Entry requires two half-steps up and an about-turn (see photo above) and the interior is generally crowded, although the main passageway is clear. We perched at a high bar, where we received full table service and didn't see the main restaurant area. We didn't visit the toilets either, but apparently they're unisex.


  1. Hmm, I think I might have to organise a trip to Sydney. These places you've been reviewing all sound fabulous! Last time I was in Sydney I was with my not-very-cool mum so groovy cafes and restaurants didn't stand a chance that weekend.

    1. Lisa, I completely understand - we've had a couple of Sydney trips that never appeared on the blog because we were hanging out with family and/or friends who just weren't as interested in veg dining as we were. ;-)