Monday, December 10, 2012

Brother Burger & the Marvellous Brew II

December 6, 2012

My mum was in town for a visit this week and for some reason was inspired by our Brother Burger post from a few months back and keen for us to take her for a meal. Being a lover of veggie burgers, chips and beer, I was happy to oblige. Not much has changed since our first visit, although the menu has been slightly expanded to include another veggie option: The Neil (kidney bean & mung sprout patty, lettuce, yoghurt dressing, spicy tomato salsa, $12).

In the interests of having a comprehensive blog, I decided to try it out. It's a perfectly cylindrical patty, barely squeezing into the soft white bun. I'm a big fan of a bean-based burger, and this didn't disappoint - the texture was firm without being dry and the seasoning meant that it wasn't just bland beaniness. The salsa is worth a mention as well - spicy and sweet in all the right places. I'm not sure that this quite beats the mushroom burger that's on offer, but it's a pretty solid second place.

Cindy went back for another chip butty, but did expand her horizons somewhat with a chocolate and marshmallow vodka milkshake ($17). The booze was pretty well cloaked by the rocky-road milkshake flavours but I'm pretty sure you'd be wobbling all over the place if you had a couple of these. Great fun. Brother Burger does a pretty well-priced veggie burger, and a good range of delicious fried sides. There's a great drinks list, friendly staff and a pretty laidback vibe (at least early on a Thursday) - it's a good option for a speedy, junky Brunswick Street bite. (For the record, Mum had the fish burger and heaps of salty, crispy fries - I think it lived up to her expectations.)

Read about our first visit to Brother Burger here. Since then, they've received more positive write-ups from Beer and I'm so hungree, while Burger Adventure and Mangiabeve were fairly unimpressed.

Brother Burger & the Marvellous Brew
413 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
9419 0088
veg burgers $9 - $14

Accessibility: There's a small step as you come into the venue, which is a little bit cramped on the inside. There are a mix of high and regular tables. The outside tables are regular height, and not too crowded. We ordered and paid at our table. We didn't check out the toilets.

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