Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 25, 2009: Chunky monkey shake

What's the difference between a smoothie and a shake? I think smoothies seem healthier and require blending; shakes sound more like they require icecream, though I suspect they're blended as often as they are actually shaken. Using this convention, I'd suggest that Jo's chocolate peanut butter shake is a smoothie in shake's clothing. The least healthy ingredient is a heaped tablespoon of peanut butter and I'd be slathering that on my toast anyway, if I wasn't slamming it down in this smoothie. Because I've started drinking these for breakfast. I can't believe how effectively they're keeping me full and snack-free until lunch time. It's just a bonus that I feel as if I'm drinking dessert for breakfast.

The initial ingredient proportions produce quite a thick concoction; I've altered them slightly to make a darker, thinner brew. I've also gone and renamed it the chunky monkey shake in deference to the chunky monkey cookies that feature the same combination of cocoa, banana and peanut butter. Shake or smoothie, peanut butter-choc or chunky monkey, it's a whole lotta fun.

Chunky monkey shake
(based on the chocolate peanut butter shake at It Ain't Meat, Babe)

1 banana, frozen or fresh
1 heaped tablespoon peanut butter
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
1 cup milk of your choice - dairy's OK but give almond, oat or soy a go!

Blend everything together and drink, drink, drink.


  1. Mmmmm peanut butter? Bananas? Chocolate?!?!? For breakfast!?!?! I LOVE it!!

  2. I am gradually overcoming my aversion to chocolate at breakfast - although I did try banana and nutella in a smoothie and it wasn't quite right - but with peanut butter maybe I would love it - I think there is half a banana in the fridge so I am very tempted

  3. Sounds like you're not interested in any MORE thickness, but adding some silken tofu is a great way to get some thickness (and healthiness, kind of) without resorting to something like ice cream. I like my shakes/smoothies really thick so it's a nice add-in for me :)

  4. So do I, Vegetation. :-D

    Johanna, I am usually put off by the idea of chocolate before lunch time so I understand your reservations; maybe start with a small one for afternoon tea and see how you like it?

    Thanks Stru! I would never have thought of using silken tofu. You're right that I'm not looking for extra thickness here (at breakfast time) but I'll keep that in mind for other shake/smoothie/dessert-ish ventures. :-)

  5. Yum! I just wanted you guys to know how much we love this! We made this as an afternoon treat and added some crushed ice...oh my,it was so good!Thanks for this!

  6. Hi Alisa! That's cool. I am still drinking these semi-regularly too. :-)