Sunday, February 18, 2007

February 17, 2007: Gelobar

Those felafel might have been filling, but there was something else we needed before we could complete our bike ride home - cool, fruity gelato! Gelobar supplied it, and an air-conditioned refuge to boot. There were a couple of dozen flavours to choose from, along with a selection of Italian-style cakes and pastries. Unusually, I had eyes only for the chocolate-free fruit ices and didn't take long to order a cup with paddles of Limone and Cointreau; for Michael it was plum and watermelon. They had the perfect smooth, slightly elastic texture that separates gelato from ice-cream. The Cointreau gelato was delightful, more creamy and less tangy than I expected: the Limone cut through with the citrus acidity I was after. The watermelon tasted true to its origin but wasn't as refreshing as Michael expected; the plum thoroughly satisfied.

For Italian desserts, Gelobar is the real deal. It's no wonder that there are lines of customers out the door on weekend evenings in the summertime.

Address: 74 Lygon St, East Brunswick
Ph: 9388 1419
Price: 2 flavours in a cup $5


  1. It's that time of year again.. I think I might wander down tonight! That's if I can tear myself away from all these food blogs... nice to have found some Melbourne ones!

  2. Hiya Liz! Yep, I am getting well excited about frozen desserts again, too.

    The Melbourne food blog scene is very much alive and kicking... just don't forget to take regular breaks to rehydrate and get some fresh air. :-)