Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Green Man's Arms II

March 19, 2018

New-ish vegetarian pub Green Man's Arms proved a great spot for a quick, early dinner before we hit the cheap movies at Nova this week. The menu's changed since our last visit! It's more clearly divided into sharing dishes, meals for one, sides and sweets... even with this guidance Michael couldn't help over-ordering.

Importantly, the pommes frites ($8.50) are still present and still fantastic.

The falafel now form part of a mezze plate ($19.50), along with three dips (hummus, beetroot, and spicy capsicum), flat bread and pickles.

A new offering is mac & cheese ($17.50) - it's plenty cheesy yet not too heavy, spliced with zucchini ribbons topped with lots of fresh green herbs.

We didn't make it through all of this food, but I've got my eye on plenty more besides: Yemeni luhuh stuffed with tempura sweet potato, pate, a mushroom burger with those killer pommes frites and a watermelon 'tuna' salad. I hope this menu sticks around long enough to allow me the opportunity.

You can read about our first visit to Green Man's Arms here. Since then a positive review has also appeared on Olive Sundays.

Green Man's Arms
418 Lygon St, Carlton
9347 7419
menu: 1, 2, 3, 4

Accessibility: The entry has a small lip from the street and there's a step up between the front bar and the dining room. We ordered and paid at the high bar on this occasion (there's full table service in the dining room). Toilets are gendered and located a couple steps up near the dining area.


  1. I was there this week too after the Nova! I really loved the sweet potato yemeni luhuh but found the mac and cheese sauce too thin for my liking. But overall was impressed and hope to go back and try some more before I write about it. Those pomme frites sound fantastic and I really loved the kombucha on tap! I think the menu seemed more vegan friendly than it sounded when you first went there.

    1. Hi Johanna - glad to hear the luhuh lives up to its promise! I'll be sure to order that next time.

  2. I think the menu looks a bit more appealing from the vegan perspective compared to the last one? Definitely quite a few things there I'd want to try.

    1. Hi Susan - I agree! The vegan snacks were good before, but it's a better mix across the menu now.