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April 29, 2017

We've become pretty lazy Brunswick brunchers lately, more often than not stumbling around the corner to the ever-reliable Wide Open Road. This weekend though we decided to try to recapture our more adventurous spirit and check out somewhere new. I'd been meaning to visit Kines ever since Keeden left Sonido to open it up. It's a nicely renovated warehouse space just off Sydney Road - they've made it comfy without going over the top, meaning there's a kind of ramshackle charm to the fit-out.

The menu is full of interesting options - pickled beetroot sandwiches, vegan-friendly toasties, kim chi pancakes, creamed corn and more. It's pretty vegan-friendly by default and they're happy to tweak things on most dishes to cater for dietary requirements. The link to Sonido is strong, with arepas popping up across the menu.

The coffee (using Seven Seeds beans) is fabulous, but Cindy was more excited by the possibility of ordering a Milo ($4). It turned out to be a massive jar of milk with a ludicrous amount of Milo in it - almost a meal in itself.

Food-wise I went with a vegan option, a cold soba noodle salad with an avocado and sesame dressing, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber, gamasio, black sesame and baby spinach ($16) plus a side of their house-pickled chilli ($2).

This was a great reminder that I really love soba noodles (I had the same experience at The Glass Den). These were particularly impressive with the creamy avocado dressing carrying a nice, strong sesame flavour and the cucumber and tomato providing bursts of crunch and freshness. It might have been a little plain on its own - I'd definitely recommend the chilli for a bit of added punch (or you could add kim chi instead, which would work brilliantly I'd guess).

Cindy was a bit disappointed by the lack of sweet options on the offer, settling for the Kines muesli (puffed quinoa, puffed rice, roasted seeds and nuts, dried figs, gojis plus fresh strawberries and pear, $13), with a scoop of Coyo ($2). The gluten-free blend is crunchy and nutty and felt less filling than oats, and Cindy appreciated the fresh fruits too.

We were really impressed with Kines. Its menu has a few departures from the standard offerings, there's great coffee and a lovely vibe. It's especially nice to go somewhere on a Saturday morning and feel like it's okay to sit and take your time over your meal. We'll definitely be back.


We couldn't find any blog reviews of Kines as yet.

11 Hope St, Brunswick
0401 666 229
menus: one, two
facebook page

Accessibility: The entryway was flat and the interior was reasonably spacious, with a mix of high and low tables. There's table service and then you pay your bill at a low counter. We didn't visit the toilets.


  1. Oh dear, another Brunswick cafe to add to my list of places I hope to get to some day!

    1. There's no end to it, is there?! Especially with the street level of every new apartment block leasing commercial space.