Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Beaufort III

October 7, 2015

Every now and then, we're reminded of the Beaufort and I think fondly of their vegan ribs. We don't live as close by as we used to, but last week they were located squarely on the cycling path between the Melbourne Museum SmartBar event and home, right when we needed dinner.

The ribs as we knew them are no longer available, but Ike's Rack Shack (situated inside the pub) remains admirably vegan-friendly.... that is, if the vegan in question is willing to eat alongside the giant slabs of meat ordered by most of their co-diners. 

The striking flesh-free alternative is the Vegan BBQ Tray ($25) and it's plenty to share. Clockwise from top-right, it includes a toasted roll and coleslaw, 14 hour hickory smoked daikon (which I mistook for eggplant), a spicy Texicana style smoked barley sausage in BBQ sauce, smoked pulled squash, ranch sauce and southern fried portobello mushrooms. The roll and 'slaw were Bunnings grade and we didn't care for the mushy-textured sausage, but the daikon and mushrooms were terrific. The French fries ($8) were tasty, baffling name-droppers boasting "yugo seasoning" and "dobranaise(c)".

I'm gonna miss Ike's ribs, but good on 'em for this creative contribution to Melbourne's mock meat scene.

You can also read about one and two of our previous visits to the Beaufort. Soon after the second post, their meaty offering were positively reviewed on off the spork.


The Beaufort
421 Rathdowne St, Carlton
9347 8171

Accessibility: The Beaufort has a single step on entry and notably spacious table arrangement - mostly at standard height and with few tables at tall bar height. The rack shack is more crowded and includes an additional step up. The lighting's dim and the music is loud. They accept orders at the table in the rack shack, and require ordering and payment at a high bar in the main pub area. Food is brought to the table. Toilets are gendered and relatively narrow.


  1. oh gahhhhh when I read your rack o' ribs post last year I made a note to go and try them and forgot all about it. Though their online menu says they have a ribs dish. I better not forget this time...

    1. Hi Veganopoulous! We've linked above to a photo of the menu on the night of our visit - only pork and beef ribs, sadly. Maybe we'll branch out to the burgers next time.