Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sun Moth Canteen & Bar

May 21, 2015

We had time for a quick dinner in the city before a friend’s gig on Thursday night and took the opportunity to check out Sun Moth Canteen and Bar. I’ve been stalking them on Instagram lately and have been impressed by the steady stream of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes that pop up in their feed.

It’s a sleek, sparsely decorated space – all clean lines and polished wood, with a few big plants and a projector decorating the front wall with silent movies (surf films the night we were there). The menu is short but still has plenty to choose from: four of the seven mains are veg-friendly (three vegan friendly) and there are a handful of options on the snacks menu as well (we’ll definitely be trying the fried bread with olives, lemon, chilli and garlic next time!). They’re big on fancy beer and good coffee too, but Cindy and I were both on soft drinks, so we’ll have to go back for a second visit to explore the beverage options more thoroughly.

First up was the kale salad, served with pickled cauliflower, carrot, quinoa, toasted seeds and a thick smear of hummus ($13). This was a lovely fresh dish, with the hummus adding something substantial to the light veggies. The variety of textures was a strength too, while the acidity of the pickled cauliflower provided some sharpness.

Our other main was the white bean stew, with rosemary, leek and braised mushrooms ($17). This is perfect winter food – warm and hearty, flavourful and comforting. It really fills you up too – we struggled to make it all the way through.

We were running late so we didn’t get to check out their dessert menu, but the quality of the savoury dishes means I’ve got high hopes. I’m similarly excited to get in and try the breakfast menu one day. Sun Moth is an excellent vegan friendly CBD option – the atmosphere was relaxed, the staff were lovely and the food was top notch.


There are a bunch of sponsored posts out there about Sun Moth, but only Exploring Beer in Melbourne seems to have checked it out on their own dime - they're very enthusiastic.

Sun Moth Canteen & Bar
28 Niagara Lane, Melbourne
9602 4554
meals, snacks

Accessibility:There are half a dozen steps at the entry to Sun Moth, but they seemed to include a mechanism for wheelchair access. Inside, things are super accessible - spacious, with unisex, ambulant and disabled toilets and full table service.

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