Sunday, July 01, 2012

Yellow Sunshine

June 18, 2012
After a fun few hours at the Computerspiele Museum, we visited the widely recommended Yellow Sunshine. Here on a pleasant day you've a choice of many shaded seats out front, or under a blazing sun indoors.

The menu's all vegetarian and organic fast food, with its many vegan options marked clearly and a lot of mock meat. Though it's not entirely written in English, most of it's pretty easy to figure out; we just relied on a little extra kindness from our server when our food was ready, because they tend to yell out your order number for pick-up. (I'd been all poised with my rudimentary counting knowledge, muttering 'ein-und-dreizig, ein-und-dreizig' to myself, too.)

There's schnitzel and steak meals on offer, and I saw a lot of people ordering salad, but the two columns of various burgers demanded our attention. Michael's Hot-Double-sChicken-Burger (4.30€ ~ AU$5.30, pictured in front) was an enjoyable tribute to KFC's Zinger. My Fakin' Fish-Burger (4€ ~AU$4.90, pictured behind) was a welcome departure from the thick, chewy, nori-wrapped faux-fish I usually encounter in Australia (e.g. at the Cornish Arms, East Brunswick Club and our own kitchen). Instead the patty was soft inside, seemingly made with subtly seasoned chickpeas and just a smidge of gluten. The dill-spiked sauce enhanced the fishy effect by association.

We didn't have room for chips but the ones we saw at other tables looked abundant and well-made, skins on. For the sugar seekers, we hear the vegan tiramisu's worth a shot too.

Yellow Sunshine measured up to its reputation. If only we had a little more time in Berlin to more comprehensively assess it against veg fast food compatriots Yoyo and Vego.

Teh interwebs are awash with Yellow Sunshine. It's already been loved by our fellow Melbourne veg*ns at In The Mood For Noodles and easy as vegan pie. Accounts elsewhere are usually positive, see Veganfix (in Swedish), Alan's food blog, Månebarnet (in Danish), Hipsterfood (in German), Wegetariański Żarłok (in Polish), Until We Eat Again!, Vegan Miam, Recetas Veganas (in Spanish), Travelling Wren, flickan & kakorna (in Swedish), TheKua Does Food, Veganmat (in Swedish), GALAPRIL, Rockin' The Stove, Végétalien à Paris, Totally Veg! (in German), The World According to Pia, rainy panda, Nimmersatt in Berlin (in German), Coastlines and Constellations, Artichoke Zine, Catch Us If You Can, Erika and Erika's Excellent Adventure, PICNIC WITH PANIC, Cherry Veg Zombie (in French). Reports are more mixed on Vegelicious (in Polish), Die Katze in die Stadt, מהורהרת בנפשה (in Hebrew) and veganmage (in Swedish), while folks are less impressed still on Dillon Ate That... and The Urban Housewife.

Yellow Sunshine
Wiener Straße 19, 10999 Berlin
030 69598720
burgers 3.60-4.60€ ~ AU$4.40-5.70

Accessibility: You can see in the top two photos that Yellow Sunshine has benches on a wide flat pavement, a half-dozen stairs leading to the entrance and spacious tables inside. Ordering, payment and pick-up occur at a low counter.

At the Computerspiele Museum...

Click to embiggen the disturbing instructions and warning that
accompany PainStation

Found on the way to Yellow Sunshine...


  1. I do really, really love your food stories and travel posts, but my favourite thing today is your use of the term "embiggen". High five!

    1. High five! Although I'm sure you recognise it as a Simpsons reference, I must also credit Dr Isis for this particular style of use. :-)