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June 19, 2012

While googling around to compile reviews for my Viasko review, I came across this post from Until We Eat Again, naming Chipps his favourite vegan place in all of Berlin. Now I hadn't even heard of Chipps at this point (mostly because it's not on Happy Cow), and we were fast running out of meals before we had to hop a plane for Iceland. Luckily, I discovered that Chipps offered breakfasts, so we cancelled our plans for a 4th visit to Kopps and went wandering to find Chipps instead.

It's a pretty stylish place, with a sleek wavy counter, loads of space inside and lovely looking courtyard area. The breakfast menu is incredibly vegetarian friendly (everything is either vego or can be made vego), but pretty limited for vegans (just one of the 11 brekkies gets a 'VN' on the menu). Maybe they'll veganise some of the other dishes on request, but I was surprised there was no scrambled tofu or similar on the standard menu.

I was pretty excited to try their vegan bacon, so ordered the Lumberjack (french toast, scrambled eggs, 'bacon' and maple syrup, 8€/$9.90).

I was pretty disappointed with this - the bacon was just strips of fried tofu with a hint of soy-ish marinade. The eggs and French toast were both fine without being particularly memorable, and the whole meal felt like the kind of thing that Cindy and I could do better at home (just using this bacon would make a big difference!).

Cindy went for something sweet, the Sleepwalker (waffles with blueberries and whipped cream, 6€/$7.40).

Again, this was just okay - nicely cooked waffles, a tiny sample of some decent jam and highly aerated cream to go along with them. Nothing extra and nothing fancy, which at 6€ is probably fine, but it wasn't enough to stop me wondering about the waffles at Kopps. Next time.

So Chipps turned out to be a bit of a disappointment - while it was great to discover another place offering veg-friendly breakfasts, what they had on offer fell well short of the bar set by Kopps. It seems like vegans will struggle with their morning meal here, although clearly they come up with some more impressive options in the evenings. One thing in Chipps' favour though: they do have what seems to be the cutest delivery van in the world.


As well as Until We Eat Again's rave review, there are positive write-ups of Chipps from uberlin, Veggie Love, TheKua Does Food, Ein Eichhorn schlemmt sich durch die Hauptstadt – Berlinbetrachtungen (German), Vegan Blog 12 (German) and My Sugar is Raw.

Less positive reviews come from Foodista en ville (French), Berlin on a Platter, The Random Noise, berlin tidbits and foodieinberlin.


Jägerstrasse 35, Mitte, Berlin
030 36444588
Breakfasts 5.5€ - 9.5€ ($6.80 - $11.80)

Accessibility: Chipps has a flat entryway and a combination of regular tables and higher bench seating. Everything is reasonably well spaced and they have full table service.


The best thing about Chipps is its proximity to Fassbender & Rausch, one of Berlin's fancier chocolate shops, and the closest we came to reliving Homer's 'land of chocolate' daydream.

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