Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 15, 2011: Taco Truck

Last Friday night Michael and I met for an early dinner in the park. It's not a great time of year for picnics but takeaway tacos are another matter entirely! The Taco Truck is regularly in our neighbourhood and we've been curious to give it a go.

Tacos are $6 each (with bonus corn chips if you order 2) and there's always a veg option. Although Jess tried a mushroom-based taco early on, I gather that this potato one is more frequently on the menu. It's a big pile of gluten-free deep-fried carbs, as demonstrated by the amount of yellow in this picture. Jalapeño ricotta, 'slaw and salsa verde on top break it up, but only just. I hear they'll go vegan on request and assume that just involves omitting the ricotta.

It's all good fun, and great that there are veg and gluten-free options, but on a cold dark night I think Taco Truck rates most for the novelty value. And then when the queues lengthen next summer, it might be quicker and cheaper to whip up some lentil, tofu chicharrone or tofu 'chicken' tacos at home.

Taco Truck's veg options have already been covered by The Big V and That Jess Ho

" pleases us", BOX CHALLENGE and got onto Taco Truck in its first fortnight of opening, and it's since appeared on blogs Dave Plus Food, little lady and eat, drink, stagger.

Taco Truck
Location announced via twitter and facebook
9023 0888
veg tacos $6 each

Accessibility: This will vary mostly with location, however the counter is very high.


  1. How great is the taco truck! I could eat it every day...

  2. Are you saying this is like a potato scallop in a tortilla with chips on the side? Insane genius!

  3. Wow that is so cool! I doubt the truck would ever come to Deer Park lol.

  4. Welcome Miss E! I think I might like Beatbox's burger a little more, actually. :-)

    Hannah - yes. Isn't it amazing that they got so much golden fried carbs into a gluten-free meal?

    Hi Marine! It's a bit outside their usual range but you never know! Maybe you could start a petition :-D