Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 23, 2011: 330 Briks

Update 12/1/12: Another one bites the dust. As reported by fitzroyalty below, 330 Briks has closed. It's the third place to run out of steam at this location in the last five years.

What About Food has recently changed hands and become 330 Briks. Even walk-by traffic could be forgiven for not noticing as the signage and fit-out haven't changed much, and the cafe appears to be keeping roughly the same hours. The menu is different though. While What About Food took a lot of inspiration from the Mediterranean and Middle East, 330 Briks looks more to Europe with breakfast including croissants, croque madame, eggs Florentine, baked eggs with feta or chorizo (and then a BLT and a roti wrap just to mess with the theme).

The breakfast list is less sweet than savoury - I was choosing amongst muesli, porridge, banana bread, croissants and toast. The banana bread ($6.90) was very homogeneous - warm and sweet and densely cakey and utterly uniform. I found the accompanying almond mascarpone disappointingly bland.

Michael was more spoilt for choice with all the egg options. He eventually went with the potato and zucchini rosti with a poached egg, avocado, tomato salsa, spinach pesto and bread ($15.20). Given the lengthy description and substantial price we were surprised at how little food there seemed to be on the plate! Once tasted, Michael had to admit that they'd done a fine job - the rosti was lovely, the egg just right, and the condiments terrific. But it's still a lot to pay for breakfast 'round these parts.

Breakfast is not currently looking too vegan- or coeliac-friendly. There's toast and oats and dairy and eggs all over the place. (Such folks might fare better at lunch.) But this could change - the new management are planning to alter and improve the menu and fit-out as they go. Since we're in the neighbourhood, we'll definitely give them another shot.

330 Briks
330 Cardigan St, Carlton
9347 6625
veg breakfasts $4.90-$16.90

Accessibility: There is a single step on entry. Tables are well spaced inside, more crowded outside. There's table service but bills are paid at a low-ish counter.


  1. Just went there yesterday!

  2. So that's what happened to What About Food! Have to admit to being quite sad that it's no longer with us, but I hope that 330 Briks can step up to the plate and offer something just as good.

  3. Hi Amystown! What did you think?

    Hayley, you are observant! We hear that the lady who ran What About Food has moved to Queensland and is starting a different kind of food business there.

  4. I like the look of the zucchini rosti breakie. Might be one to try at home...

  5. Yes! A sure winner when summer rolls round and everyone's overstocked with zucchinis. :-)

  6. This has closed - no traffic over summer?

  7. Thanks for letting us know Brian - this spot is something of a cafe graveyard, which is strange given it's location. I guess the long stretch of student-less time over summer is a factor.