Friday, January 28, 2011

January 22, 2011: A Minor Place III

I surprised to see that we haven't written about A Minor Place here in over two years! In good weather it's a very pleasant bike ride from our place, and we've made a handful of undocumented trips in the meantime. Last Saturday we set out a little earlier than is our habit, arriving before 9am and scoring our pick of the tables running along the side of the house.

Michael can't stay away from Henry's white beans ($10, pictured back), flavoured with garlic and rosemary and then served with rocket, dukkah and toast. They're surely this cafe's signature dish. I tried the quesadilla ($12.50, pictured front) stuffed with cheese, refried beans and corn and topped with salsa, jalapenos and a fried egg. The modest portioning and fresh salsa kept this protein-heavy dish fresh and light.

Service was sunny and capable. Michael loved his coffee, though by the time he ordered a second the cafe was filling up and he had to wait a while. A Minor Place is probably best enjoyed in its first hour of opening.

A Minor Place
103 Albion St, Brunswick
9384 3131
veg breakfasts $4.50-$15.50


  1. Hi! I've tried to comment twice here already and it seems not to be working, so if this comes in three times, I apologise... We tried A Minor PLace a few years ago and we unimpressed with the food, but upon reading this I wonder if we didn't just land there on an off day or something... Upon this recommendation we'll certainly try again! And hello! We've just discovered your blog and it's nice to find other people out there searching for good vegetarian/vegan cafe breakfasts...

  2. All working fine this time, terrible comfort! If you browse through those links you'll notice that A Minor Place hasn't charmed everyone, but we've had very good experiences there. I hope you manage to catch them on a good day next time. :-)