Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 16, 2010: Sonido II

I first checked out Sonido shortly after they opened their doors right near where I work. Since then, I've raved about them to Cindy so many times that she insisted we drop in for lunch when we were in the neighbourhood on the weekend.

They're clearly doing something right - we turned up after 2pm and the place was still heaving with weekend lunch-goers. I was happy to go back with a camera so I could blog a meal that I've eaten almost every time I've visited: frijoles con feta (a black bean and feta arepa with guacamole and picadillo, $11.50 + $2 for side salad). Combined with a few splashes of hot sauce, this is a cracking lunch - a crispy corn arepa, topped with hearty black beans and generously sprinkled with salty feta. The little saucy sides are particularly impressive - simple guacamole and a little tomatoy salsa that add a bit of variety to the beany flavours.

Cindy branched out into something I hadn't tried: arepa de choclo (a sweet corn arepa with fresco cheese, $6 + $2 for salad). Apparently they were using a different cheese than normal on the day we visited - with no baseline for comparison it's hard to say whether it was a good move. Regardless, Cindy raved about her little corny treat - the strong sweetness of the arepa contrasted perfectly with the salty cheese on top. Pretty good value at $6 as well.

Cindy had been consciously trying to order something smallish so that she had space for Sonido's already famous choc-berry brownie ($4.50). This gluten-free wonder is rich with dark chocolate and flecked through with sweet raspberry chunks. I'm too embarrassed to admit how often my working afternoons are broken up by a trip to Sonido to grab one these to go with their beautifully made coffee.

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Sonido is garnering lots of fans - there are more positive reviews at Vetti Live in Northcote, Fitzroyalty, Fat Belly Club, Crafty Llama and pleases us.


  1. I now want sonido next door to my office - mainly for the brownie but the arepas will do quite nicely for a quick lunch

  2. Me too Johanna! Actually I'd like to try to make the arepas at home, then my work day lunches will be something to look forward to. :-)

  3. and there's another one: check out my blog