Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 9, 2006: Falafel Kitchen

Since I was out shopping madly for Cindy's birthday present, I left her in charge of the shopping for dinner. Obviously unaccustomed to such responsibility, Cindy wandered out of Safeway at 6:15 expecting to pick up salad for dinner from the fruit shop. Alas, it closed at 6 and a return to Safeway was too much to bear, leaving us no option but to head out for a quick meal at Falafel Kitchen.

We first experienced the fill your own falafel style at Maoz in Paris, and we'd been very impressed. Luckily, Cindy managed to find Falafel Kitchen on Lygon Street before she'd even found a place for us to live.

I filled my large pocket up with as many falafel balls as possible and slathered everything with three different sauces (hommus, eggplant and chilli), leaving me with only a tiny bit of space for a few of the salad options. I think Cindy's (pictured) was a more balanced meal, including pickled turnip, greens and potato salad along with her falafel balls all in a 'mini-pocket'. I'm sure there are better falafel places in Melbourne, but as far as convenience and choice go, Falafel Kitchen's going to be hard to beat for fast, lazy dinners.

Update (29/6/09): Falafel Kitchen has been gone from Lygon Street for some time now. It's sadly missed.

Adress: 175 Lygon Street, Carlton
Phone: 9348 1111
Price: Mini-pocket: $4.95, Large pocket: $7.95


  1. The best place for falafel is the Half Moon Cafe in Coburg (check the Cheap Eats for location). It is way better than Zum Zum's! Worth a visit. And a few shops next door is the Indian Cafe Serafino, which is worth trying as well.

  2. Thanks for the tip - we'll definitely check it out one day soon.